“Entrepreneurs say making money online is hard,
until I give them the tools on how to do it… ”

So, Let me show you

Building an online service-based business with systems & automations that creates daily sales for you and automatically onboarded clients, is how you create the freedom and wealth you have been seeking all this time.

How would you feel if you no longer…

  • have to spend days, weeks, or even months on YouTube and social media. Trying to figure out what you're lacking and how to solve it.
  • have to doubt yourself about if you're able to build a successful business. Just because it hadn't happened yet. 
  • have to worry, stress, or have 15+ hour workdays just to get by each month. 
  • have a business that is completely dependent on your presence and the amount of work you put out.

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Let's create an automated service-based business where new cash and clients are coming in daily

Astrid Joanne Damen, Masterclass, current business

You can have this too

The number #1 secret to having a business that is thriving, growing and scaling…

These business owners have mastered delegating and automating the day-to-day tasks. They're doing the basic things in their business very well.

They created a custom business system for themselves that helps them run their business 24/7/365 on autopilot. These powerful automations in their business are doing all the work for them.

How would you feel if within the next 8 weeks…

  • you're waking up to new Stripe notifications on your phone before you even had your morning coffee
  • can have 4-hour workdays while making more money effortlessly
  • you're able to live your life on your terms. Spending your morning on things you love doing. Going for a walk, or spending time with your kids
  • you can easily break through the 100k+ ceiling because I will give you the solution without all the fluff
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Astrid Joanne Damen, Masterclass, unlimited CEO framework


The Unlimited CEO Framework is a combination of both mindset and strategy.

Your business is a direct reflection of you. It's not only about having the right offers and funnels. This framework, that I have developed over the last 12+ years, has EVERY tool you need to create the business you've been seeing in your dreams. Without all the fluff.

Astrid Joanne Damen - 60-day game plan

60-day game plan

With this 60-day game plan, I am not only giving you the framework and strategy on how to create a business that will give you the freedom and wealth you're seeking. You'll receive all the tools and templates you need to see quick results. This program is potent and quick for a reason.

Astrid Joanne Damen - Business Accelerator - tools & templates


You'll receive all the tools and templates you need to automate your daily operations. Tasks like client on- and offboarding, creating a referral system, and client communication that will help you create meaningful and long lasting relationships..

Astrid Joanne Damen, Masterclass, Q&A CALL


During these weekly 60-minute calls, I will be both teaching + you can ask me anything about how to automate your business. Making it custom for how you want to run your business.

This live Q&A call will be held on June 24th, 2024. One week after you gained access to this masterclass. So, you'll have time to take action and prepare your questions.
Astrid Joanne Damen - Business Accelerator - community + support


This accelerator is all about building community and helping each other reach their goals. For the next 90 days, you'll have access to the community filled with amazing entrepreneurs who are on the same path as you. Building connections and receiving support and advice from both each other ⎯ and me.

Business accelerator - 60 days (8 weeks)

A 60-day group program where we will build all the systems and automations for your online service-based business together. Teaching and giving you all the tools you need, with the use of my framework. The accelerator is potent and short, giving you quick results. Creating the wealth and freedom you're seeking.

The business accelerator starts on August 1st 2024.
And you'll have access to all the tools for 12 weeks.

EXTRA BONUS! You'll receive the about to launch client system templates for free (valued at more than €200)

Price: (valued at more than €2997)

€997 excl. VAT


Astrid is an absolute operational powerhouse

I've known Astrid for many years. She even did an internship with us years back, in 2010. Little girls grow up, and she has definitely grown. After years of figuring out a lot myself and working with VA's. I noticed that Astrid has grown into an absolute operational powerhouse. 


I really wanted to go to the next level with my website and the back-end of my business. Besides having a growing coaching business, I wanted time to create, spend time with my kids and continue learning & growing myself. 


Throughout the process, Astrid has truly been my RIGHT hand. She stays calm and continues to ask questions, while I sometimes get 10 new ideas in just one week. She helped me stay focused. 


Super happy with the results and everything Astrid has built! My calendar is effortlessly filling up with new clients, despite being offline for an entire month. She's the winner your business needs!

Astrid Joanne Damen, client testimonial, Chantal Vermeer
- Chantal Vermeer
Every entrepreneur needs an Astrid in her life!

Astrid is a wonderful right hand who makes my business excel and grow every month. She and her team support me with all the things I don't enjoy doing. I love outsourcing all that to Astrid and her amazing team.


Astrid always plants seeds in my mind. She introduces me to new systems and tools that generate rapid growth within my business. She is constantly looking for ways to optimize my business and I completely trust her advice.


I think everyone needs and should have an Astrid in her life!

Astrid Joanne Damen, client testimonial, Aniek Gerrits
- Aniek Gerrits
Working with Astrid is actually a gift you give to yourself!

Astrid is a great strategic partner. She makes me think about so many things within my company. Even things I had never thought about before. How can I do things differently?


She is my safe haven, and she has amazing strategic and marketing ideas.


Working with Astrid allows me to focus more on the things I enjoy within my business. I finally get to pick up new things I want to do. I experience more ease because I know I don't have to do everything myself, and I don't have to invent everything myself. Working with her is actually a gift to yourself!

Astrid Joanne Damen, client testimonial, Adelina van Gurp
- Adelina van Gurp

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