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Build an online business that gives you the keys to your dream life

YOU started YOUR BUSINESS TO experience FREEDOM, purpose & wealth. So far, the opposite is your reality. Let's transform your story.

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You became an entrepreneur to create a life on your terms. 
Creating a life filled with wealth and freedom.

A business where you attract new clients and sales daily. 

Having systems and automations that make you work less. While you're able to wake up to new Stripe notifications on your phone, before having your first coffee.

But Until now… The opposite was happening…

Are you running your business, or is your business running you?

Many entrepreneurs,  start a business because they want to experience more financial, time and location freedom in their life. Initially, everything feels fun and exiting. You love doing every single thing within your business. From onboarding new clients to sending out numerous e-mails.

After a while, when your business starts to grow at a rapid pace, that feeling goes away. Instead, your workdays are getting longer. You're getting more tired, overwhelmed and stressed. Your business has become completely dependent on your presence and work output.

You are no longer running your business, your business is now running you.

But, how can you break this cycle? 

All the successful online business owners that you know and love, have built a custom system that has their online business on autopilot. They don't need a large team in order to have high cash months. Investing in powerful business automations helps them make money 24/7/365.

Not only that, but they spend no time on operational back-end stuff. They're only focussed on the next steps in their business + living the life that they knew that they were destined for.

And you can have this too. Build your own automated online business system.

But Now you're ready…

Waking up to daily new signed and onboard 1:1 clients who can't wait to start working with you.
Having automations and systems that help you work less because 90% of the work gets done for you.
Breaking through your limiting beliefs so you're able to attract the wealth and freedom you're destined for.
Living your life on your terms while still making more money than you could have ever dreamed of.

You always knew that you were meant for more. Until now, you just didn't know how to do it.

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This was my reality too…

Back when I had my social media agency, I was working 15+ hours a day. Always behind on work. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and tired 24/7. My entire business was dependent on my presence and how much work I was doing. Until, I couldn't do it anymore and went through a burn-out. Which was a gift I didn't expect.

Because of my burn-out, I learned…

  • You don't need to do everything in your business yourself
  • Business systems and automations are a life & time saver
  • You can build a 100k+ business without a large team
  • Making a lot of money is your birth right


Years of experience


Life-changing transformation


Happy clients

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Your time starts now

Let me help you build a business that effortlessly makes you a lot of money. Living the life you're destined to have. Transforming both your business AND yourself.

  • Choosing wealth and the freedom in your life
  • Having 4-hour workdays while making more money effortlessly
  • Building the business that feels expansive with ease. 
  • Living your dream life in a way that you've never thought was possible
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THE Unlimited CEO framework 

The Unlimited CEO Framework is a combination of both mindset and strategy.

Your business is a direct reflection of you. It's not only about having the right offers and funnels. This framework, that I have developed over the last 12+ years,
has EVERY tool you need to create the transformation you've been looking for until now. I've taken out all the fluff for you.


The way you think and feel is how you create your entire reality. Your business included. By taking a look within, you're going to see what is holding you back from having everything you've ever wanted. Plus, receiving the tools to make those necessary mindset shifts.


You need to create and build your custom business system to have freedom and wealth. No “one-size fits all” strategy. Your entire business must be a reflection of who you are and your vision. Building business automations that will do at least 90% of the work for you, 24/7/365. From your offer & product suite, to how you on- and offboard new clients and team members. Creating a business that makes you work less while earning a lot of money.


Building your custom business system of automations will give you freedom and wealth expansion that you're seeking. Daily new Stripe notifications on your phone. Ready before you even had your morning coffee. Signing and onboarding new clients while you're asleep, spending time with family or traveling.

Meet Astrid Joanne

I have been immersing myself in business & marketing for over 17 years. From social media to websites and building online businesses. While, I've also have worked for international DJ Fedde Le Grand's operations & social media team.

With over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, building 150+ websites and having 100+ social media clients, I know how to build businesses that give you the wealth and freedom.

A freedom business built with custom business operations — systems and automations.

Creating infinite wealth, freedom, and expansion for you to do whatever, whenever you want. Making effortless money while you're asleep, travelling for a whole month, or spending time with the people you love. You'll become limitless.

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Get started ⎯ build your freedom business today